Our Prodcuts and Services

Aether Storage

Our most popular service by far, we will store your Aether patterns and a copy of your genetic design on our sophisticated platform so that you never have to fear death again.  Each restoration has a small fee of 5 million gil per use.  Act now to get your information stored FOR FREE.

Facilities and indulgences

Heaven Is Here

Employees and VIP guests get access to our special rooms which house any number of desires.  From the calm waters of our grotto, the overindulgent goods and services in the gold lounge, our techbar or the iron square, you are sure to find everything you need within our walls.  As we are an exclusive facility we reserve the right to turn away any client who doesn’t match our exacting standards.


VIP Members Dine Free


ONE Guest Allowed per Member

Body Enhancements

A Better You

Technology has come a long way, but how can it work for you?  Our team of engineers has never come across a problem that couldn’t be solved with a little bit of effort and a couple of tries.  On the bright side, you can’t die from any mistakes!  We don’t just push the envelope; we light it on fire and mail it to your parents.

We now offer bundle deals to our customers as well as one FREE Aether Storage Restorations for anyone who fights in the Iron Square at our events.


Group Discounts


ONE FREE Aether Storage Restoration

Reaux Corporation is an FC set in the game Final Fantasy XIV.  We are located on the Mateus Server, Crystal Datacenter.  Thank you for viewing our page!




Plot 16, 8th Ward
Goblet, Mateus