Reaux Corporation

You demand the best and we provide it.  Expand your horizons through technological innovation.  Explore life as never seen before. 

Empowering results, flawless execution.


Our Technology

Even Death Cannot Stop Us

Our Advanced Magitek Replicator (v3) will take an exacting copy of your physical form as well as your aether pattern so that you need never worry about death again.  Live a life of excess with no repercussion or enjoy the most brutal of vices with impunity. 


Painless Regeneration


99.9% Success Rates


What we offer

Aether Storage

It is only when we no longer fear death that we can truly live.  With our technological innovation you can finally begin to enjoy some of the finer things in life. 

Fight Tournament

Have you been turned away from a combat event because you are too strong?  Our fights only have one rule:  Win.

Magitek Enhancements

Why be you when you can be better?  Let our team rid you of that pesky, weak, flesh and bone that you carry. 

R & D

Fancy some vices?  Our R&D department has crafted a number of goods that may make your mind explode in ways you never imagined. 

Employment Opportunities

Reaux Corp is seeking employees to fill various roles in our organization.
Applicants must be self-starters with the drive to move upward in our company.


Reaux Corporation is an FC set in the game Final Fantasy XIV.  We are located on the Mateus Server, Crystal Datacenter.  Thank you for viewing our page!



Plot 16, 8th Ward
Goblet, Mateus